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Knots tie

Fapples 4 years ago updated 2 years ago 10

I. e. a knotted cock will get stuck in a hole when sufficiently excited and inserted deep enough.

Staying there unless forcefully removed with a sharp tug, expelled by a very unhappy partner, or the excitement level falls low enough that the knotted cock can freely slip out.

A tied knot should give (extra?) stimulation when tugged outward (but not free), and possibly act as a hindrance (but not completely, if implemented) to cum spray.



Anonymous 3 years ago updated 1 year ago 12
Dev Response

Cum inflation/all the way through

Anonymous 4 years ago updated 2 months ago 27

Basically just making the subjects' belly bulge after they've been filled enough, and maybe make the cum start coming out of the other end if they're full and are still being filled.


Double / Multiple Penetration

Anonymous 4 years ago updated by EngorgedBanana 2 years ago 2

Penetrate test subject with Penis and Dildo, multiple dildos or Penises (Portals?)

Double anal / vaginal or anal+vaginal


Internal or x-ray viewer

Pickled_Cow 3 years ago updated 2 weeks ago 12

You know that portrait system for when characters talk? Let's use that and make it so that it can display X-Ray views during sex as well.

To be technical, this would not just by the current camera that is just zoomed in too close. It would be showing a "copy" of the player character's/power bottom's penis, one that doesn't contort or warp to prevent clipping issues while it's being smothered by the retriever's insides.

For said insides, I'm thinking we'll have to be creative. A combination and 2d dynamic pulsating overlays along with 3D models that have internal detailed textures but completely invisible external textures, to allow for free moving camera that's not stuck to just one angle.

And of course, this could be used to show the cream pie flooding of vaginas, mouths, wombs, throats, intestines, etc, etc.


Female genital variety

Anonymous 4 years ago updated 6 months ago 10

The males have a great variety when it comes to dicks, but the girls with pussies? Not so much. I'd just like to see the option for canine pussies right next to canine dicks, equine pussies next to horsecock, etc.


Breast Milking Machine

Anonymous 3 years ago updated 2 years ago 6

Love the cock milking but would also love to see some breast milking as well!


Sheath / Slit penetration (Docking)

Anonymous 4 years ago updated 11 months ago 10

Penetrate the Sheath or Slit of a male with a Penis or Dildo.


Lab Partner

AmpRat 4 years ago updated 2 months ago 6

Was thinking of something maybe along the lines of an NPC you could custom create as sort of a lab partner. Maybe to use as a subject to test certain fetishes on, fool around with, ect. Could even be part of future fetish implementations for exhibitionism and such where they can also observe and assist in testing.


Cum gushing out from mated sex organs due to excessive orgasm or filled beyond capacity

Fapples 4 years ago updated by Zeopard 3 years ago 1

Cum should leak or even spray out from the stretched walls of a stuffed vagina (tail hole as well?) when it's filled to capacity with cum + cock. Perhaps a displacement of fluids effect due to phallic object entering a hole and pushing the fluids out. (It all has to go somewhere right?!)