Welcome to the Rack 2 species suggestions page! If there's a species you want to see in Rack 2, you've come to the right place! Just search below to find your species, then vote for it! If you can't find it, submit it as a new idea!

When voting for your species, please BE SPECIFIC!

Instead of "Cat", vote for "Maine Coon".

Instead of "Bird", vote for "Cardinal".

Instead of "Dog", vote for "Dalmation".

If you're here to make a general suggestion or submit your ideas for the game, please visit the GENERAL SUGGESTIONS AND IDEAS forum.

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Black-footed ferret

Delta 1 day ago 0


Slashu 4 days ago 0


chris 1 month ago 0

Any race from "that time i was reincarnated as a slime"

Nathan “Mewfii” Richardson 2 months ago updated by kevinblue035 2 months ago 1

dire wolf

whitewolf 4 months ago updated by kevinblue035 2 months ago 1


yanizug 2 months ago 0

"naked torso" option, like minotaurs or the way some artists draw werewolves

kevinblue035 3 months ago updated by tecnor2 3 months ago 1


Arentino 3 months ago 0