Internal or x-ray viewer

Pickled_Cow 4 years ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys updated 6 months ago 12

You know that portrait system for when characters talk? Let's use that and make it so that it can display X-Ray views during sex as well.

To be technical, this would not just by the current camera that is just zoomed in too close. It would be showing a "copy" of the player character's/power bottom's penis, one that doesn't contort or warp to prevent clipping issues while it's being smothered by the retriever's insides.

For said insides, I'm thinking we'll have to be creative. A combination and 2d dynamic pulsating overlays along with 3D models that have internal detailed textures but completely invisible external textures, to allow for free moving camera that's not stuck to just one angle.

And of course, this could be used to show the cream pie flooding of vaginas, mouths, wombs, throats, intestines, etc, etc.


Would it not just be easier to have character models that already have 3D organs inside them you can view? Sorry if that's a stupid question.


I don't know if this is how it will work in the final game. But currently, zooming in close turn the player invisible, which reveals how Fek choose how to solve the huge cock popping out the other person's belly button problem.

And I always thought crushing pussy meant something else...

This I why I felt it was necessary to go into technical detail how this X-ray viewer would work.


I just wanna see internal organs and the like. Heart pumping, lungs filling, genitalia juicing and being filled...


Oh idea! Make Press a key to swap the X-ray and regular viewports! So the portrait is the regular camera and the X-ray is the main view!


This would be especially interesting for sounding / urethra play scenes. Maybe it would be easier to do with a 2D cross section display popping up in a corner, like it can be seen in some hentai games? It could also show how testes are filled with foreign sperm or substances or the bladder with eggs.


I have no problem with other people having this fetish and welcome its inclusion because it's clearly popular, but I would request that it can be turned off along with other like, fantasy anatomy if it features some of the more hentai-style internals or filling balls with other sperm. Not a criticism of anyone into it in the slightest, just takes me personally out of a scene.

And yeah, I'm a fan of mouse people but not of gonads being portrayed as empty vessels, I'm not saying it makes sense at all. Just saying because I generally appreciate this game for not going super fetishistic and exaggerated in other ways.


Well I thought the option to toggle X-Ray viewing on and off went with out saying, so I didn't bother bringing it up.

I'm mean, the game already has this built in.


Oh definitely, the game's great like that. There's other monitoring you can't turn off though, which is why I said. Sorry if I was vague!

This is exacly what I was thinking! But instead of the portrait system it could be a machine you could buy for the lab.

I think to keep the workload logical for Fek it should be kept 2d though. Could also be made to look very smooth and x-ray-like that way :)