Lab Partner

AmpRat 4 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated by The D 3 months ago 8

Was thinking of something maybe along the lines of an NPC you could custom create as sort of a lab partner. Maybe to use as a subject to test certain fetishes on, fool around with, ect. Could even be part of future fetish implementations for exhibitionism and such where they can also observe and assist in testing.


It would be cool if the partner was not just a slave. I would love it if they had a personality. In order to do tests on them you would have to warm them up to the idea.


also, we have 3 test labs, maybe we can make them work in lab 2 or three with test subjects we selected? like additional employee.


Have a better idea for that, it would be nice if you could actually make certain volunteer test subjects into lab partners.


I'd love this, especially if you could order a submissive lab partner around. You could say, for example, "Fox. Blow this horse but don't let him cum." then focus on another test subject while the horse squirms and begs the fox and/or you to let him finish.


I really love this idea. our labs need extra hands ;)

I like this idea. I've been trying to find a way to undress some of the lab workers in the text files. 

And then later on you can develop feelings for your lab partner and become romantic partners

I guess as soon as the feature is implemented to BE a test subject everything would be set up to have an AI that pleasures you or another test subject. Great idea, I would love some help and also watch my lab partner on a test subject!