Chastity and Edging

Danaume 4 years ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys updated by ProfessionalConnArtist 3 months ago 6

The ability to inhibit orgasm through various devices, chastity cage, chastity ball, chastity belt, or even an orgasm inhibiting headband that prevents the pleasure center of the brain from sending the climax signal, to really build up that need.


Would add orgasm mutting(aka they cum, yet no relief), edging, or infinite approach devices making subject, sorta approach orgasm indefinitely(subject may show signs of pleasure and confusion asking why can't they finish. Or pleasure inhibitors that reduce maximum pleasure to slightly lower than enough to sate that need. MAking subjects pleasant but never able to get enough.(other levels could be possible, but main idea is this.)

Another one is sorta intersects with mind control in a way. Orgasm concept blocking, where subjects forgets all orgasm is, sorta body just builds up, and subject feels like it needs something, asking what happening and trying to figure out what they need, and trying to grasp what orgasm is.

I've never wanted something in a game so bADLY

I hope fek notices this


I think it would be cool if whatever chastity devices are implemented would be able to be customized so they could only prevent erection/penetration, or only prevent orgasm or both

What I'm hoping for is chastity belts and cages for males. Typically, people seem to think cages are for males and belts are for females, but you can have full belts around the waist with a plate in front for males too and I reaaaally want that.