Sheath / Slit penetration (Docking)

Anonymous 4 years ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys updated 1 year ago 10

Penetrate the Sheath or Slit of a male with a Penis or Dildo.


This is an excellent idea and one of the things I, personally, would love to see in the game.

Maybe have it be that the penetrator’s dick or the dildo have to be rather small to fit?

Or the penetrated's dick would have to be enormous... or quite elastic...


Would really love to see this myself, was going to suggest that a slit be able to be used as a vagina (possibly with a chastity device or other sciencey thing keeping the subject flaccid during penetration.)


Maybe a slit rubbing too


a slit and sheat rubbing?


as long as it can be done equaly with futas, im all in.