Female genital variety

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The males have a great variety when it comes to dicks, but the girls with pussies? Not so much. I'd just like to see the option for canine pussies right next to canine dicks, equine pussies next to horsecock, etc.


i like this idea, alows for a more varied characters


Spread & exposed vulva when excited for the various canid species would be a wonderful addition.


Yes, let me have my vixen cunt.


Don't forget the hermaphrodites too, please. XD


I think this idea was suggested earlier but yes please. Exotic vagina designs wouldn't be so bad either, like sergal-like tentacle clitoral hoods or something like these:


I have to admit, the idea of a canine-type vulva is like.. 95% of the reason I upvoted this.  I want a nice spade on the huskies and foxes and wolves.  As well as any other canines that get added.


Having more genital options would be a great addition. I'd love to see some more animal-inspired dog, horse, and such vaginas.


Yeeess! Please, that's the only thing that is really missing in the game, I would really love having a mare pussy in the game! 😍


I'm all for this. Women look differently, human or animal. Just a few links here to proof that point:




In the newest updates patchnotes fek specifically mentions animal styled female genitals, and how they aren't in the game yet, but he's seperated the sliders between male and female so you can choose witch ones you'll want to see. I hope that he does end up adding different vaginas soon, as this is something people have been waiting for for a long time. My hope is that it's taking so long because he's putting detail into them, like he did with the animal dicks (knots inflating, horse cocks flaring). It would be an insane attention to detail if we actually got, say, horse vaginas that actually had a clitoral winking animation, and maybe you could set the frequency/strength of it.