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God that would be so hot!


i dunno dude coding a jetski might be hard


this must be added


FAQ of game from website: http://furry.science

check 4 fetish from top ;3

in simple words you have your hope (at 20%) ;3

Will [fetish] be in the game?

All non-essential fetishes will be hidden behind a settings menu. If you see anything on this list that concerns you, don't worry; it will be optional.

  • Electrostimulation: Yes
  • Feet: Yes
  • Sounding: Yes
  • Watersports: Maybe (20%)
  • Scat: No
  • Feral / Taur: No
  • Vore: No
  • Hyper: Probably (80%)
  • ABDL: Probably as a clothing option (40%), but with no real functionality
  • Cum Inflation: Probably (80%)
  • Spanking / Whips: Probably (80%)
  • Gore / Dismemberment: No
  • Hypnosis / MC: Probably (80%)
  • Cub: No, but I can't really stop you from making small characters
  • Rape / Abduction: No, but you can pretend the subjects were abducted if that's what tickles your pickle
  • Lactation (M/F): Maybe (20%)
  • Impregnation (M/F): Maybe (40%)
  • Oviposition (M/F): Maybe (40%)
  • Tickling: Yes
  • Wax: Probably (80%)
  • Latex/Goo TF: Maybe (60%)
  • Breeding: Maybe (20%)


still, that 20% isn't very reassuring. that's why we're here and posting about it. to voice our support for it.


i know it and i aggree, but i understand this list in that way:

Fek plan to add this features into a game, but if something will went wrong he will first do some of them and skip others.

in other words this will be in a game if it will not be to hard to do. 

if it will be hard then lower % fetish will have lower chance to be added than higher one  because fek will first focus on higher priority fetishes.


Then we have to make an effort to make it a priority.


I think if you're gonna a WS you might as well add in functional diapers. It only seems logical...


Only 20% ?! It's a pretty accepted fetish, how has so little chance of being added to the game?!


Remember that it's not so simple as just whether people want it or not, he would have to put in all the work to implement it, and it depends if it is technically possible to get it working to a decent enough standard.


It's not just about it being an accepted fetish - liquid physics are really taxing on computers.


If Fek tries to add this, and isn't able to script it (I know fluids can be hard to script/design), maybe he can come back to it later, or maybe someone can mod it in afterwards, because I would really like to see this too.