Knots tie

Fapples 4 years ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys updated 2 years ago 10

I. e. a knotted cock will get stuck in a hole when sufficiently excited and inserted deep enough.

Staying there unless forcefully removed with a sharp tug, expelled by a very unhappy partner, or the excitement level falls low enough that the knotted cock can freely slip out.

A tied knot should give (extra?) stimulation when tugged outward (but not free), and possibly act as a hindrance (but not completely, if implemented) to cum spray.


A tied cock should be able to still go deeper, but only slightly. Allowing for a back and forth pumping motion but only over a short distance which represents the area behind the knot between the base of the of the cock/groin and the knot.

If knots are included, it would be fun to see a knot stuck in the muzzle of the one sucking it (oral knotting).

yeah that would be cool


Great idea! If I could add my 2 cents it would be to have some sort of an indicator of potential to knot and being knotted (so we don't accidentally anger a paying client). Could also be paired with a "breeding" section if Fek decides to include it.

Isnt that in game already?


Small addition to the idea.
It would also be great to see a full implementation of the equine anatomy in that regard.
The tip of an equine usually flares and makes such movements harder to impossible...

Also to the anonymous person bevore me....
If a person doesnt want to be knotted it would be great that you haveto be careful as a male to not push yourself in the full way and it would be great to have some sort of resistance depending on the clients arousal and anatomy.


I would add to this, beyond what the game has implemented.  Where a knot ties if it's inside an orifice, but stays tied even when you let go of the mouse button such that you can't switch orifice.  Or use that orifice with any other tools.  Until you select the penis again, and tug backwards with at least the same force needed to enter a tight tailhole.  Or the player character has calmed down enough the knot is no longer swollen.  It always upsets me, a little, when I tie with a knot, but magically you just let go of the mouse button and 'poof'.. you're free.


I agree. I like the idea of a knot being too large/orifice being too small, making it impossible to insert/release the knot. Entering the orifice with an erection of 70% or less allows you to insert the knot before it starts it starts growing. The PC should be able to knot the client, or be knotted by the client. Stimulation after the knotted cock orgasms would need to drop below 10% for a period of time to allow the knot to deflate, but overstimulation is a problem and makes it difficult.


Also can't believe Fek hasn't responded to this one yet. It's been a top request for a year.


I have one quick thing to add.  The ability for a knot to actually "tie" and act like it should/actually would should have the ability to be enabled/disabled, even if just through some kind of debug menu (which would be useful if you're testing stuff out).

I still really like this feature, though.  Bugs me when they don't work right.