Breast Milking Machine

Anonymous 4 years ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys updated 3 years ago 6

Love the cock milking but would also love to see some breast milking as well!


I'll just chime in and say if it does happen, it would be neat for it to work for stimulation on male nipples too. In the first Rack there were a few toys that were gender specific that I could see being fun on either gender.


the milk should be able to give you something like extra samples, or something like that.


I also pitched this idea to Fek a few hours ago on skype, also i think we could add another thing, some kind of Clit sucker purely for pleasure.


Maybe the milk could be used as an ingredient for some crafting. Eventually you could probably just sell it.


You could have injections to enhance them too...

PS: Oh and if test subject is getting fucked orally, up the ass, or into the pussy, cum could be forced to travel to breasts but some function and then mix with milk and be forced milked out and maybe even back to fucker in any of avobe 3 pathways...then LOOP like a sideways 8


Could use the milk as an enema