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its called a "white house" not a "niggahouse"

if I wished to be black, then I would be black. I prefer orange, much nicer and more civilized color.

Once the big igloo hits and your sugar daddies in the left wing get fucked by the right wingers, then you parasites will starve without the kool-aid and welfare keeping you alive.

Bitch I'm blacker than you and my ass is orange.

the fuck is a "black history month"?

stop making up bullshit holidays

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at least they have personality and know their place, which is more than I can say for you and your insufferable mud monkey friends.

Also, newsflash, my "wetback" boy toy hates you worthless ghetto trash mud monkeys too.

Even more than I do, oddly enough.

nope, he's a latino.

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rub those two braincells of yours together and think about it, retard.

Never said I was gay, nigga, just that your ass was gay if you bangin my significant other.