Furry Nazis

Anonymous 2 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 9 months ago 6

Yes, mein fuhrer? (instead of master)

Have a SS uniform available to buy as clothes in the game.

(I'm just joking, but it would be dope to have a military captain's hat as an accessory)


gonna go with a downvote on this one.

I'd upvote a military themed accessory pack, but not Herr Commandant stuff, would carry a hella creepy vibe given that the setting is a science laboratory.


Furry Wolfenstein lol


"Und now, ve shall stimulate ze fraulein's genitals wiz ze happy zapper"

If Fek has any integrity it's not specifically going in the game but I feel like through customization options you could eventually do the "Mein fuhrer" thing.


I am from Germany and my responce is a big fat NO!!!