Beastiality/Zoophillia (real animal mating)

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okay so i thought it could be interesting if there were "real animal" mating. there could be many different animals that would need a type of breeding stand. though the point is that you cant control the animal in question more than what hole to use so to speak. once it was started it would be no turning back until the action was complete, speed and length of each animation could be random for a better individuality. this could also be a late game store item where you first would need to buy the addition of a barn to keep the animals in then be able to buy the different animals and different breeding racks. you could possibly also use the breeding racks without the animal.

sounds intresting if done right


I'd be OK with the notion of intelligent quadrupeds being in the game, but not "ferals" or actual animals.

Zoophillia is almost as bad as cub


why nothig hapens to them, if i understand corectly they would not be fucked only be fucking. the option would still be just to ignore it right?


"nothing happens to them", uhhh...not according to the OP.


its true i did not mean the animals would come to harm, it would obviously be the subjects in the breeding racks not the animals. sorry if i did not make myself clear.


well as long as you clarify


Zoophilia IS as bad as cub.

its sick.


In your opinion. Is chocolate lesser than vanilla? 


Omg, yes!! This would be amazing!


What type of animals cold ther be? Anyway i am in


I feel like this idea will be implemented naturally by adding ferals to the game.. sadly Fek has no current plan on adding them. Not saying that I'm against the idea because I'd very much like to see this as well.


omg yes!! why didnt i think of that


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You're the one mass downvoting it, chill haha! :)


That's degenerate, nope, i dont think the creator will add that horrible thing.


Hey, I'd get behind that! No pun intended. 


i dont really care either way, but i think it is just a bad PR move to do it without them being like stuffed animals / in-animate objects and even then... yea probably dont


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