Personal quarters with trophy/rewards/collectable to display

Anonymous 4 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 1 year ago 10

Better make that a personal office.


I love me some physical achivement/trohpy rewards. well, virtually physical. but yeah that would be awesome.


as opposed to just and image on a menu.

or just an Orgasm counter.

If this is anything but heads on the wall trophies then I'm cool with it


would be cool if we could get portal pussies/penises of subjects to toy with, or just have replicas of their genitals as trophies (that we could use in experiments with other subjects or toy with ourselves)

more hotter,   a personal quarters with your favorite client or clients to have sex with or whatever that is kinky 


create a clone of the favorite client to have waiting for you in your quarters!

physical trophies are always a nice touch in games, so I definitely support this idea. It would be cool if say the office started really barebones and empty, but the more achievements you got the bigger and more lavish it got. Or instead of a personal office in the labs, maybe a personal apartment that you can go to that follows the same concept. I also agree with that one comment, a portal or two that would let you summon up your favorite clients privates and let you play with them from the comfort of your office or apartment would be really nice.