Longer Default Penis size

Anonymous 2 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated by Kinky_Kyuubi 2 years ago 5

Hey Fek, Is it possible that you could make the largest penis size longer in the character creator? like 30cm /12 inches without madscience? Because its like the longest you can make them is 5/6 inches :( I know chemicals to make your dick bigger is coming but, I mean in the character creator? Will there also be other kinds of penises too? Love the game so far!

I think making a max of 9ninches would be reasonable - sure there's 10 inch dicks irl, but they're fairly uncommon. 7 to 8 inches is pretty common, however, so 6 being max "normal" is kinda stingy.


has anthropomorphic animals which don’t even exist, so using a 9 as max because it’s more common isn’t really relevant. Plus some people like really long penises, if you want a smaller one, you can just make it smaller in the slider. But 1 think at least 12” as max would satisfy everyone

if it makes you feel any better you can edit penis size to be bigger then max in the characters file


its funny you mention this, because relative to the character's proportions, the max size penis in game is gigantic for all intents and purposes.

still though, I know how you feel. I personally like my peens in game to be just a wee bit longer for the max size