Incest, pregnancy, lactation and wetting

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If impregnation does get in, then myself would like it to be a fairly big deal. Breeding certain traits, physical or mental, having the PC mate with whomever and be able to knock them up/ be knocked up. And Have it focus on the pregnancy, swelling belly, lactation, peeing more and perhaps strange cravings. Then, after the offspring is born, you can make it grow up quickly somehow, and afterwards, mate it with its mother and or father, to then knock them back up, or be impregnated. Maybe depending on the subject, they could be really against it and you have to force it, or they could be excited by it. And some nice breastfeeding, incestuous or no, would be fantastic. Lactation over all would be great. Naturally or artificially inducing it. However, have an option somewhere that enables hyper lactation with small breasts. Because me, myself and I, vastly prefer little mounds to big boobies. And that's a very sexy thing, getting a lottt of milk from a little tank. To me it is anyway. And of course, this would all be for herms as well. Now, solo watersports, not everyone likes them, and that's fine. But me, I would loovvvve being able to have female/herm subjects pee themselves. Really detailed, watching the urine flow down their fur, soaking whatever it comes into contact with. And making them hold it would also be a big part.


My bad, I just saw watersports is in the game. Didn't see that till just a minute ago. Woopsie! lol


Great suggestion. +1


Personal favourite, really hope this gets in the game.

if this gets in they should set up a way to track breeding for tracking gene traits like herm or fur pattern and i think the number of pups or what not should be the breasts + or - #/2 at least that's the method i use it writing so if 4 it can be any where from 2 to 6 under normal circumstances more if there is assistance 


I was disappointed at first when I saw the like for impregnation, but it wasn`t exactly coded in yet. The gene splitting would be a great idea, and you should be able to create a chemical to allow you not to get pregnant (or some kind of setting) or someone else pregnant, or you should make condom, and there should be a (optional) setting where you can add a chance where the condom doesn`t work, and you have a chance of impregnation. If there ends up being separate days, as in you can sleep, then wake up the next day, throughout the days, your belly should get bigger (If there ends up being an abortion thing, then that won`t happen.) or unless you have some kind of chemical that instantly makes it go out. If you impregnate another person, I say it shouldn`t be reported that they`re pregnant until 2 days after, or three, and a pop up will appear where it shows that "(Insert Name Here) Is pregnant!" From there, you will have a new menu, called the family tree. There you can see the people you impregnated, and the children they had, and those children`s children. (Kinda like the Sims) You can call them in anytime as a subject, and see them yourself (And have incest, if you want). After about 3-6 days, the new child is born, and another menu will pop up, like "Your child was born!" And you will be able to name them. Again, kind of like the Sims, except in the Rack 2 style. Now, you cannot rape the child, and you have to wait a couple days for them to grow up to be able to make them a subject. If you want that family tree to grow larger, you have to impregnate the child, or have the child impregnate someone. Maybe a sperm collector? And send it to another subject? Or the child? There, they can be impregnated and have children, and the cycle repeats.

Can I just say I love the possiblilty for incest this gives? That would be the icing on the cake.

lactation and control of the amount would be amazing ^^


What the fuck you sad rejects are talking about?

I'm fine with impregnation, wetting/watersports, lactation (idk if it could naturally happen during-and-post pregnancy, or using a chemical to make a response to a subject), but please, incest should not be a thing. It's fucked up and most people hate it. You hillbillies take it too far.


don't kink-shame people

I would like to see when player character pissing on the floor in showers or in testing subject lab making a golden puddles underneath their paws cause I like this kink watersports/peeing


Wow this is brilliant. I normally really dislike incest but for some reason I love the idea of being able to knock up a subject, have a son, and bring him in as a subject (whether he likes it or not). Fek also mentioned the ideo of having lab assistanta in the actual chambers which would be cool, maybe your offspring could be used for that too.

I like lactation as also part of pleasure self. Milking does the body good as they say in the commercials.