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I have to admit, the idea of a canine-type vulva is like.. 95% of the reason I upvoted this.  I want a nice spade on the huskies and foxes and wolves.  As well as any other canines that get added.

This goes right along with a 'bug' report bit that I added.  Where while you're trying to use an orifice with the penis, it 'floats' in motion.  It's QUITE difficult to use the penis on an orifice in a way that involves very little motion or to remain still.

I would add to this, beyond what the game has implemented.  Where a knot ties if it's inside an orifice, but stays tied even when you let go of the mouse button such that you can't switch orifice.  Or use that orifice with any other tools.  Until you select the penis again, and tug backwards with at least the same force needed to enter a tight tailhole.  Or the player character has calmed down enough the knot is no longer swollen.  It always upsets me, a little, when I tie with a knot, but magically you just let go of the mouse button and 'poof'.. you're free.

I'm upvoting this response simply because it made me laugh.  Though, a part of me.. doesn't disagree with them either.  >_>

The thing that bothers me most about this, is that there's a good chance Fek won't even put humans into the game over this sort of thing.  He clearly hates the human models he's made.  If he gets too concerned about the legal backlash things like this could cause, removing humans outright could be considered by him.  It'd be a TERRIBLE thing if he DOES consider it, because frankly I'd like to see human-on-furry or furry-on-human interactions, and I can't be the only one that does!  So yes, please please PLEASE, let's find a way to convince Fek that at most, he should just block child-looking versions of them on RackNet.  I really hope that's all it boils down to.

Silly but, yeah! Totally should do this!

I don't really know how this'd work either. But, I really, seriously want to see this in the game in some way. Don't even need to have an actual child result. Though, some way to tie into the test subjects, so that gene-spliced subjects and persistent pregnancies are a thing. By gene spliced I just mean some way of using pregnant subjects as a way to get subjects with more traits you want. So that it's useful as more than just a graphical effect.

I'm not sure how some of these would be implemented, but if it's possible, I not only fully support this idea, but pretty much every rack suggested in the list too!

I would believe that it's so popular because it's another visual indication that a subject has been cum inside of. The current dev builds there isn't really any indication except for some dribbles out of the anus or vagina.. and if your camera isn't in the right place at the right time, you may miss it completely.