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how to make it even better:

make impregnation the only way to acquire hybrid characters until adecquate splicing technologies are made to custom mix specific traits from multiple species at once, instead of depending on mixing randomness of two specific subjects :D


That makes the chocobo breeding in Final Fantasy 7 look mild by comparison! :D


This is a very important kink. Would be great to have a monitor that lets you see the sperm entering the egg when conception happens.


that happens days after the sex th


That doesn't matter at all. Not only does it fit R2CK's science theme but it confirms something that will happen and is happening. There is a beauty to forming a zygote, to having that sperm and egg cell meet. Anyone with an impregnation fetish would want to see it.


The fastest swimmers may find the egg in as little as 45 minutes. Plus it's a game about talking animals.


I don't really know how this'd work either. But, I really, seriously want to see this in the game in some way. Don't even need to have an actual child result. Though, some way to tie into the test subjects, so that gene-spliced subjects and persistent pregnancies are a thing. By gene spliced I just mean some way of using pregnant subjects as a way to get subjects with more traits you want. So that it's useful as more than just a graphical effect.


I've been thinking about how to make this a reality with as little work from Fek as possible. In order for this kink to hit all of the right buttons a few things have to happen.

Visualization of sperm and ovum is crucial.
Doesn't have to be 3D either, but a 2D screen with a gif that shows fertilization goes a long way. If you go into FA or e621 and search for "impregnation" this is a common bonus visual that always comes up. People with this fetish absolutely love confirmation that conception happened. Even if it was a monitor you had to buy in the shop, watching the sperm enter the egg is a must have for anyone with an impregnation kink.

Impregnation must be conditional and has to have consequences.
There could be an item (fertility drugs?) that allows impregnation between anyone and anything if that is your choice. However, a 100% chance on every species by default ends up making this meaningless. Natural impregnation should only happen between penis/vagina copulation and only when characters are the same (or similar) species. This adds player choice to selecting a subject or the species preference list.

Player-female consequence is easy to imagine, the character simply becomes pregnant. Player-male characters shouldn't be overlooked and a lot of other sex themed games never seem to do them justice. Having something as simple as a NPC that counts of the number of offspring sired and gives congratulations goes a long way in making the decision to cum inside of a test subject feel like a permanent decision. Client test subjects could even want more than an orgasm, some could request insemination as well.

Pregnancy must be sped up.
It is important to remember that impregnation and pregnancy are totally different kinks, even one does logically require the other. Some way to accelerate time would be necessary in order to have a Player-female go from impregnated to pregnant, then back to normal. A NPC that asks if the player needs to take some time off (either to deal with morning sickness or give birth) could simplify this fast forward mechanic. Maximizing the belly slider should be enough to show this effect too.

Overall my suggestions here require Fek to (1.) create a sperm/ovum .gif (2.) add an item to the game that turns conditional pregnancy to unconditional (3.) Add a counter and some NPC dialogue. (4.) Create an event where the player's belly slider goes from "max" and back to "default" again. Hopefully that isn't asking too much, I guess we'll find out. There are other things that could be added to this kink (Child support, forcing unwanted pregnancy, cuckoldry, dialogue, etc.) but I think the major points I brought up are ones most people with an impregnation fetish would enjoy. Let's hope Fek is able to put this into the game at some point, seems like a popular topic as far as requested fetishes go.

Clients with female genitalias could come to the lab to pay to get impregnated.


I think impregnation (for both female and male) doesnt mean the character has to be giving birth to something real, it can just be a specific phenomenon which has all the symptoms of impregnation (lactating, strange crave e.g. character expressing i want a baby and craving for cum inflation, personality change,  belly size change), as if it is a mock reaction. And if fek wants the character to really give birth to 'something', they can be in the form of eggs (i do mean real eggs like chicken/dinosaur eggs). This is more manageable than a whole mechanism of babies and also hybridization stuff people are mentioning. You know, you can give birth to more than one egg every time and this process can be really quick too (ok this idea is drawn from all those yaoi tentacle impregnation mangas <--you have to admit that it is a brilliant idea) and their bellies can  also be irregularly swollen, which is something very interesting to see too.


Another better idea would be that the Rack institution is absolutely not responsible for any impregnation outcomes and volunteers/clients have to bear their own risk for being pregnant during a research. So, you can observe all those symptoms coming up during the research, but the client will only give birth to the child when they're "back home". So basically you can be an asshole and irresponsibly knocking everyone up coz you are not the one bearing the risk.

Btw, i would love to see clients begging (wholeheartedly) for group intercourse, rape, impregnation, basically not behaving the same as their personality stated due to some injections (permanent) or losing their minds (because of BDSM/training, or just feeling too comfortable) 

And plz, I want to see male getting pregnant too. I really want to see that.