Rack Variants and types

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ever wanted to try out something different from the traditional body-holding rack, but that still works to keep the subject restrained or in an adecquate place for having fun?

well, here's my few ideas for different rack models:

-Padded ErgoRack: a Rack that's designed with soft silicone pads in order to give the subjects more comfort, and slightly increasing the effectiveness of sexual interactions in a %12...while decreasing the effectiveness of vibrating toys on a %10

-HoveRack: a very sophisticated type of Rack that uses state of the art Gravitational Technologies for holding the subject in the air without causing any bodily discomforts to it, and increasing the effectiveness of all types of stimulation by %30 thanks to the nullification of any discomfort interfering with the brain's pleasure signals...however, Feline or Nerveous Subjects may find this kind of rack EXTREMELY discomfortable (all sexual stats go to negative until being placed into a different type of rack)

-BC Rack: (BC stands for Body Controlling) is a type of rack that removes any possible irritations to the body, by using special electrodes that instead direct the subject's poses as desired by the controller. this types of Racks have an extraordinary effect on submissive or masochist characters by increasing all stimulation types by %80........however, fearful or dominant characters may LOATHE this Rack, and instead...this could cause either an inmediate loss of the mission, or a potential sue to the operator.

-Tentaculoid Rack: Straight from a Japanese Manufacturer, Designed with the best hydraulics, and smoothest synthetic skins for the tentacles...this Rack, can hold subjects in various positions, or even provide some stimulation by controlling the tentacles to rather hold into...other parts. this type of rack can easily trigger orgasms no matter the sexual orientation or dislikes the subject may have, thanks to the extremely efficient A.I. Controlling the Tentaculoid, thus making each tentacle perfectly capable of finding out sensitive spots and knowing how to stimulate them to the maximum %30 / %120 depending on the subject's acceptance of the Tentaculoid.

-Hired Rack-man/Rack-woman: ...this is what happens, when the subject would rather like having someone holding it. this type of rack, is LITERALLY...a subject or assistant holding the body of the one subject intended for sexual purposes. depending on the affinity the subject may feel for the holder, or the way the holder is holding the subject, the effectiveness of the methods may vary from between %250+, to %50-.

-Reflective Rack: This type of Rack has been designed with the most efficient technologies for deflecting vibrations back to their source or to even reduce roughness of things pushing anything tied to this Rack. Vibratory Stimulations's effectiveness increases to %200+...while sexual stimulation may either be completely nullified (soft mating)...or granted the ability to trully stimulate its target (rough mating may be softened enought for a delicate subject to enjoy this)

-Thermo Rack: This type of Rack has an incorporated Thermal Regulation mechanism, for an easy control to increase temperatures (effective for relaxing newcoming subjects)...or to cool down heavily aroused/overstimulated characters (effective for increasing the subject's tolerance of stimulations or orgasm denials).

-Controrgasm Mk1: a type of rack, that's not so easy to come by...but it's certainly worthy of buying, as it's got an incorporated orgasm-stopper mechanism, which can prevent any subjects from being accidentally orgasmed while being edged by the operator. the way this Rack works, is by shutting down any toys which are being used if the subject is dangerously close to orgasm, or using a gravitational hold to keep genitals or fingers from moving and causing additional stimulation to the subject if said stimulation can trigger an orgasm. this Rack does not prevent the operator from still stimulating the subject, but does prevent "sloppy errors" by holding the operator or its toys until the subject has an acceptable margin of stimulable levels.

-Controrgasm Mk2: Only available when you're in good terms with a CEO of the company producing the Mk1. this type of Rack, unlike the previous one which limited you to basic edging without slipping....allows you to actually overstimulate the subject beyond what would logically be the Orgasm-Triggering Point.....HOWEVER, no orgasms can be archieved at all regardless of how extreme the stimulation may be, because this Rack counts with specialized electro-chemical control over the womb/prostate of the subject to prevent any orgasms from being triggered, while allowing for extreme stimulation levels to be applied to the subject. this Rack is extraordinarily effective at aiding in the production of sterile lube (heavy precum harvest in males...heavily dripping fluids in females) or keeping edge-loving subjects on a total ecstasy.

...even with contacts, this Rack is not the slightest cheap...thought it is certainly much easier to purchase than the DeuSubliMaximus...as you can get it mid-game if you play your cards right.

-DeuSubliMaximus: the ULTIMATE Type of Rack. one that's capable of controlling every single aspect of the subject, from things as simple as producing tickling stimulation without a single touch being applied to the subject, and up to keeping a perpetual state of climax on the subject...all under control of sliders and without a single flawl......except...perhaps.....for the fact that this rack is so ridiculously expensive that you'd need to complete a ton of tasks and become quite frugal about your money in order to get a chance to buy one (and THAT, with the aid of some contacts which may help to negociate an acceptable price for you). the other potential flawl, would be, that for anyone working with these......the job can become quite boring after using it for some time....so it is only advised for workers to use it every once in a while....perhaps with difficult clients...or when you just want to experiment a little.


this is hella clever! earned my vote


I'm not sure how some of these would be implemented, but if it's possible, I not only fully support this idea, but pretty much every rack suggested in the list too!


You should also be able to move each limb on a rack as if it were, well, a limb.


God damn there are alot of good ideas here, some which seem a bit too difficult to implement.

though tbh if tenetacles were added to the came in any form, i'd be sold.

I upvotes, yes please.