Ban specific combinations of character attributes from RackNET-Upload

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Here is a troublesome topic: Fek wants to include human characters in R2ck and I think he once said he cannot keep anybody from creating really small characters.

To evade legal trouble I want to suggest to ban characters with certain attributes to be uploaded to RackNET to not step into a grayzone of distributing child pornography. Nobody wants to end up with such stuff on his computer.

Combinations like:

- Small

- Human

- Vagina / small dick

- Flat chest

Should be easy to auto recognise and ban from upload.

I would go as far as disallowing such combinations per se ingame, but at least don't have it shareable on RackNET, it is a huge legal risk for Fek and for those who for whatever reason have such a character offered on client selection.

This sadly is not a far fetched concern. See this case http://www.abc.net.au/news/2008-12-08/fake-simpsons-cartoon-is-child-porn-judge-rules/233562


To clarify the "I would go as far as disallowing such combinations per se ingame, but at least don't have it shareable on RackNET":

I meant that I personally would like to see such combinations banned from the game in general, but if Fek does not want to do that, at least do not allow it to be shared on RackNET.


this is actually a really good idea to keep creeps from distributing this stuff. full support. like preferably, these wouldnt be allowed at all, but i know that probably wont be changed.

For a lot of people any kind of furry stuff is disturbing. Are you really that concerned about fantasy-based stuff someone might be looking at?


In some countries cub is classified as child porn also. If species is irrelevant, does it mean that we can't be allowed to share otter characters also since they are (hopefully) always short and small chested? Why even stop at characters? In the UK, firsting and squirting has been banned, should that be removed too? No, it's highly likely that there will be a blacklist, use that instead. You won't get into any legal trouble just because a game allows characters that fit a certain mold to be downloaded from a server.


Wow, so many people downvote this?! Don't they get that this is about banning ONLY characters that look like HUMAN CHILDREN, from RACKNET!


Banning things like this is an incredibly slippery slope. If its for legal protection then what counties laws would we use as a gauge for what is banned and what is not. If its the U.S. (Probably largest market) then as long as the character is not modeled after real child then its perfectly legal. If you want it banned for simply moral standpoint then simply advocate for a way to disable such characters from your game. Such a thing would be easier to implement anyway.


Sadly, you are wrong, this is by far not a safe bet and too much of a risk for anyone:

From the intro of an ALA article: "On March 10, 2006, Dwight Whorley was sentenced to twenty years in federal prison on child pornography charges. Whorley, a man with a history of receiving and sending child pornography via email, and who has previously served time in federal prisons for those offences, was convicted among other charges of using a public computer at a Virginia Employment Commission office on March 30, 2004, to receive twenty Japanese cartoons that showed seemingly minor (younger than eighteen) females engaged in sexual intercourse with males seeming older than eighteen. This part of his conviction and his sentencing was based on his violation of the 2003 PROTECT (Prosecutorial Remedies and Other Tools to End the Exploitation of Children Today) Act. His appeal to reverse his conviction was denied by the courts."

The full case: http://caselaw.findlaw.com/us-4th-circuit/1431669.html

From Wikipedia "[...] Currently, such depictions are in a legal grey area due to parts of the PROTECT Act being ruled unconstitutional on a federal level; however, laws regulating lolicon and shotacon differs between states; several states have laws that explicitly prohibit cartoon pornography and similar depictions (such as video games in the state of New Jersey), while others usually have only vague laws on such content; in some states, such as California, such depictions specifically do not fall under state child pornography laws, while the state of Utah explicitly bans it. [...]"

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legal_status_of_drawn_pornography_depicting_minors#United_States

"18 U.S. Code § 1466A - Obscene visual representations of the sexual abuse of children" section C says: "It is not a required element of any offense under this section that the minor depicted actually exist."

If you just skip over cases and texts on the laws you will quickly get the impression that it is a very unsecure area. Even if parts of the PROTECT Act are ruled unconstitutional about the first amendmend I doubt any lawyer will defend against it. You might even call such court cases "the law gone mad", but do you want to risk to be run over by it?

Here is another thing to consider:

R2ck is probably in the top tier of most successful patreons ever and it is a furry game. I don't want to see a possible media backlash for the fandom should this game be topic in any court case.

R2ck will be free later making it easy for trolls and haters to stage an influx of such material into RackNET to shed a bad name on the fandom.

What we need is at least a statement by Fek himself how he want to alleviate these concerns. His FAQ says "Cub: No", which is great. While in no game people can be kept from modding, the official position of the creators to no support such material is a must. Fek says he cannot keep people from creating real small characters and this is the reason why RackNET is a concern. Can these "modded" characters be shared on RackNET?

Seriously, this is about RackNET and not even about the game as a whole. As long as the game does not create risky clients on its own and we do not create them, there is no problem, but the problem is the asshats out there that build such characters and upload them. That is why R2ck needs a simple mechanism to prevent the upload of such HUMAN characters.

I concede that the racknet thing is iffy, if its a central server owned by Fek then it will have to be actively moderated. (Keep in mind Google can't be 100% effective in its filtering) Auto blocking anything based on tags would be impossible, there will always be workarounds. The best option would be a client side toggle to disable it in your game, and a big heavy disclaimer that RackNet is completely unmoderated. With games like this there is will be underage content, there are large community's that will tweak, mod, and hack to ensure it does, that there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. The best thing to do is o allow that channel to be open and leave filters (set by default)  so 95% of players never see it. Otherwise things will get uploaded and people will have no way of keeping it out of their game. 

Also your legal information is a bit skewed and almost a decade out of date. There are numerous sites legally hosted in the U.S. the create and distribute this stuff, 2D and 3D. Not by flying under the radar either, many of them collaborate with government agencies to stop the report anything illegal posted. Client side filters will also allow regional laws to be followed. It puts the burden (both legal and technical) on the player and away from Fek.

TLDR: Blocking is impossible with any sort of distribution system, trying to do so will just lead to aggressive workarounds that will lead to such content showing up in peoples games wither they want to or not. Filter it on the client side, let the pedos do their thing, and everyone will be happy and less likely to upload a bunch of kids that will get sent to everyone because the game thinks they look nothing like kids.


If you can provide up to date cases that would be great.

The big concern is indeed keeping Fek and the fandom out of the line of fire.

I do not think it would be hackable that easily that it would be worth it when files can be shared directly outside RackNET. The suggested upload ban would not be based on tags. The client files are xml and all a filter would need to do is to look into the character file for the presence of certain values, like IF "human" + "height < x" + " breast_size < x"  THEN block char-file.xml

It would be more difficult to decide on the values than to program this. 

Moderating RackNET will be impossible and it is important that measures have been taken at all to prevent illegal content from being shared through the official channel.

What Pedos do outside RackNET, like sharing files directly, is not a concern to R2ck like it is not a problem of EA what people mod into The Sims.


Its hard to find recent cases because they simply have not been any. There has not been any attempts to prosecute anyone that did not have any actual kiddy porn in recent years, at least none that did not get shot down by the supreme court.

Trying to predict how a hack can happen is useless, you can only prepare for when it does. 

More on topic, I agree that we need filtering for all the reasons you point out, but doing it on the client side would be far safer, more robust, and more versatile. 


You are ignoring that this stuff needs to be banned from rack net to protect Fek and you did not support your claims. I am with the OP. This needs to be banned from rack net asap.


You went through all that trouble to pull up info on a law that varies depending on which state you live in in the US, or which country you live in. Not very useful info.


Ahaha, I just had a half-joke, half-serious idea:

In countries where kid-shaped lewds are illegal, just implement a minimum on certain scales. Since the game's already linked to the internet for a chunk of content, pull the user's ip address and if they match, say, Australia, then the game would automatically bump all breast size sliders to the minimum for the country.


I'm fully aware that I'm about to get  down voted to the  fiery pits of hell, but fuck it. Why is there this  double standard on cub  characters ? Really I want to know, I mean I sn't human animal hybrids just as bad as  Beastiality?  Especially  character such as ferals. I could care less what people jack off too honestly, just as long as it isn't real, or based off of any real  individual. I agree that if we start banning things like this then when will it stop? 


There is no double standard, its very simple, you just don't understand it

Anthro's can consent. Bestiality comes from the concept that the animal is not a human and cannot comprehend the actions we partake with it and therefor cannot consent, therefor it is rape.

Anthros are humanoid and have human comprehension, and can consent, therefor it is not bestiality, therefor it is not rape.

Children cannot consent, therefor pedophilia is rape.

Anthro children (aka cubs) cannot concent by the above rules, therefor it is rape.

do you understand the difference now?


The thing that bothers me most about this, is that there's a good chance Fek won't even put humans into the game over this sort of thing.  He clearly hates the human models he's made.  If he gets too concerned about the legal backlash things like this could cause, removing humans outright could be considered by him.  It'd be a TERRIBLE thing if he DOES consider it, because frankly I'd like to see human-on-furry or furry-on-human interactions, and I can't be the only one that does!  So yes, please please PLEASE, let's find a way to convince Fek that at most, he should just block child-looking versions of them on RackNet.  I really hope that's all it boils down to.

"So yes, please please PLEASE, let's find a way to convince Fek that at most, he should just block child-looking versions of them on RackNet.  I really hope that's all it boils down to."

That is really all this is about. It is about childlike human characters and their distribution on RackNET.

I may have an idea on how to combat this:

Fek can place limiters on the size and stature of human characters, that way a character does not look llike a kid or midget. Though I may not care too much about the human characters, the legal trouble is a big fking problem, and it may screw Fek and this game over. If someone makes a human character as short as possible, the height scroll marker could only go down to maybe 1/3 or 2/5 of the way, stopping a player (or some pedo) from making small or adolescent people. However, people can make characters out of Rack 2 and design characters on some other program and do that instead. In that case, Fek should ban those things in Rack 2, and ESPECIALLY RackNET. Some stature that does not meet the requirements cannot put the character into the game or RackNET itself.

Fek is likely going to make height/weight/age markers for a character as well based on the overall size and design of the character, and people may type down ages as well. If the height is lower than 4'6" (for example) = Banned. If weight is less than 80lbs = Banned, or something like that. And the starting age has to be 18 and above, it cannot be starting at 1 or 5 lol that would be so bad. I know dogs and cats like for around 12 or so years, but since these are anthros you're screwing and not ferals, who cares about worrying about the accuracy of the age of something that does not live for more than just over a decade, anthros are likely considered by many to have long lives as people, so the age should definitely start at 18.


To quote Peter Griffin: "Oh my god, who the hell cares."

It's a porn game for fuck sake, and porn is not socially acceptable. it's the shit you're supposed to keep hidden from prying eyes. It's morally wrong to have porn. And when I see someone moralfagging like mad about something, this comes to mind.

Fek has given his statement. He's not gonna police shit like the rest of the NWO Nutjob brigade, and if you can't accept his choices; go make your own game. God forbid anyone wants to make a cuntboy or something...


cuntboys are hot, cubs and kids are not


cuntboys being hot is opinable at best. I fail to see what is the connection between these two things

One is a crime, the other is a fetish