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misspelled my gmail :p it's

the only solution i can come up with is to send each suggestion trough a team of admins or something. :/

if it helps, i tried it, and this site seems to treat the individual IP addess' as it's own account(by that, i mean, if you made a topic, logged out, and voted on the topic as anon, logged back in, then back out, your anon vote is still cast.)so he might be renewing his IP address to do this. just a guess :/

i'm into that too X3

you know what, bats, in general.

i understand :) no harm done.

(i was starting to feel bad for not responding :P)

it occured to me, you're gonna have to creative when retrieving the orange paint(in rack 1, orange is prevent orgasm)

my gmail is

this and sperm replacement are my favorite kinks.

its spelled 'frightened' not 'freightened' if there were people getting hit by trains at the idea of sex, the whole human race would be extinct long before you were able to misspell 'frightened'

i believe it stems from the victorian period, when death was seen as attractive(sexually attractive)i believe it had to do with the rise in medical knowledge and advances in medical technology, around this time it was considered improper to show more than the face and neck, unless at a party, then women could shoulders and arms.

same can be done with sligerthetiger's art style.