dlc site

nammico 3 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 3 years ago 1

i think fek should open up a site, where people can play his browser based games(i case they get removed from FA)download his other games(like rack 2)and where people can download mods and user-made dlc, for his games.

for example, i'm playing rack 1, i've been playing it for years, but i'm getting tired of......say the art style(not that its bad, better than the vast majority in my opinion)but say i wanna see murcifers style, in this game, the dildos, the boobs, the hair, all done in murcifers style, murcifer wouldnt have to do this(she doesnt like porn that much, least that what she says)so dedicated fans of both rack and sin(her nickname)can go out, study her style, how would the boobs from this angle look, how would the dicks look from the angle etc. do all the elements in her style, and the site will let the uber-dedicated fan post the art pack, and allow other users to download it.

a similar thing can be done for rack 2, if i want my game to look like something out of metropolis(1927)i can open blender/poser/sculptris etc, make my own art deco themed models and textures, post them and people will get to (re)enact some "deleted scenes" ;)

same thing if wanted my game to look like an atomic age science fiction, dieselpunk, steampunk, cyberpunk, gothpunk, decopunk, renaissancepunk, etc.

more than just art styles, there could also be kinks and fetishes fek doesn't want to add, neat gadgets, custom species, facility templates, hair/water/flesh physics, etc.

same can be done with sligerthetiger's art style.