sperm replacement

nammico 4 years ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys updated 3 years ago 13

the head says it all, you inject something in the subject's testes, or let something loose on the(like a goo monster)onto the subject, and alters their testes, till they produce someone elses sperm, or a new substance entirelly.


in addition, should you nead a certain biological chemical(such as a certain type of mucas that is a componant of a certain lab toy, you can inject that into the testes, along with various chemicals that'll remove the subjects gamyates and replace them with new gamyates that produce the new mucas.


Really like this idea, perhaps even let it happen through docking someone with the subject and making them cum until they've replaced the subjects sperm. And a suggestion to your comment post you could alter the subjects testicles to start producing other fluids like lube, milk or even one of the 6 body altering paints we seen in the first rack game (grow area, prevent orgasm, pleasure etc) and have them milked to replenish the labs supply.


thats the EXACT kind of thing I WAS thinking :D


but please, no injection needle into the nuts, thats ouch, it hurts to even think about that

it occured to me, you're gonna have to creative when retrieving the orange paint(in rack 1, orange is prevent orgasm)


If it gets implimented I guess any subject producing the orange paint in their testes could simply take longer to orgasm or another idea would be to apply the lust increasing paint whilst attempting to make them cum. That method could also be coupled with the shrinking and enlarging paint, balls which produce the shrinking paste would be small in size and have the smallest limit on the amount of fluid they can store but painting the subjects balls with enlargement paint constantly while milking them would increase the amount available to ejaculate.

I didn't originally consider the subjects balls having the effects of the paint they produce but the more I think about it, the more I like it. The effects could be like this:

Prevent orgasm = No visual change, harder to cum

Pleasure = Stuck on the edge of cumming until they are interacted with

Bigger orgasm = Produce so much paint that it leaks from the subjects cock (bigger balls = bigger leak)

Grow area = Balls constantly grow beyond normal limit *

Shrink area = Balls constantly shrink until they reach the minimum size

Lower orgasm cooldown = Subject constantly pent up/blue balled

* = (a limit would have to be set to prevent texture clipping, preferably set by the player through a menu or option when interacting with the subject to give them the freedom to choose what max size they want)


It would be interesting to combine with milking a different character, collecting the sperm and pumping it into the testes or bladder of another male


If breeding gets added then i think the PC should be able to do this with multiple donors all being milked, which could either be subjects or staff, and their sperm pumped into one subjects testicles. Then that subject breeding a female/herm, like a mini game of father roulette


i like that idea


Yes, 11/10 IGN would change again. Great idea.


Cumming different liquids? I'm into that!

i'm into that too X3


I cast my bote for the idea of filling up some balls, especially the multiple doners idea. 

Maybe have a tool, either a sound or a penatratable with a tank, that fills up after an orgasm. 

Maybe even have a mode to collect female lune/cum. 

Then it sounds or goes onto a males cock, and has a switch to pump instead of collect. 

Would be fun with an Estim unit, or something that can force an orgasm.