urethral oviposition

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the idea is a cross between regular oviposition, and my sperm replacement idea, the idea is that a monster(whether you develop the creature, it's a previously undiscovered species of mollusk, insect, etc, or it's an alien)the creature will come up to a male subject, extend and insert it's ovipositor through the penis, coating the entire ejaculatory duct with fluid that alters the composition of the flesh to make it stretchy , and into the testes, where it pumps the same fluid into the organs that alters composition(to make the testicles stretchy)included with the fluid is a bacteria the binds itself to the host spermatogonia(thats what make the sperm)and in short swaps out the hosts genetic information with whatever genetic information this creature happens to carry, after that, the creature will draw eggs(either the size of pollen of the size of chicken eggs)into the hosts drastically altered seminiferous tubules where the eggs can be fertilized and later be ejaculated out(or pushed out in chicken egg sized lumps)


Wow that took a long time to say, "we need a thing that can screw someone's dick and impregnate their testicles," but okay. I'll play your game, nammico, you rogue. Have my upvote.


I like this idea.


I think my dick just retracted into my body, never to be seen again.

That tells me this is a good idea.

Hey we never went in to the whole like... infestation idea, right? That's not a suggestion. I don't know if people really consider that hard guro... you know what I mean though, right?

I wanna see whatever tentacles distend through the urethra and then distend the ballsack as they wrap around the testicles, or eat them or whatever...

I dunno what that's called, exactly. I think it's infestation...

  • Sorry if I'm breaking some kind of rule on hard porn... but this. This is what I'm talking about.
  • Credit to Dmitrys and Wyntersun


yeah, infestation!

thats what i was going for!

not sure about the eating bit, definitly into laying eggs and injecting sperm into them :P


Wrote a story about it, wasn't sure if the internet was ready for it lmfao


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this and sperm replacement are my favorite kinks.

misspelled my gmail :p it's raysharah@gmail.com


hoo boy, this is one of those kinks that sends a shiver up my spine at the contemplation of what kind of mind thought the idea up....and also manages to arouse me significantly at the same time.

you have my upvote

Find my story on Pixiv. It's called Nalo gets egged. I may or may not ever write about this story again, but it depends on the popularity and the likes. Sorry for this.