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some people like to live a little dangerously

this would include biting, cutting, licking, using as lube, etc

Source: http://furry.science

Will [fetish] be in the game?

All non-essential fetishes will be hidden behind a settings menu. If you see anything on this list that concerns you, don't worry; it will be optional.

  • Electrostimulation: Yes
  • Feet: Yes
  • Sounding: Yes
  • Watersports: Maybe (20%)
  • Scat: No
  • Feral / Taur: No
  • Vore: No
  • Hyper: Probably (80%)
  • ABDL: Probably as a clothing option (40%), but with no real functionality
  • Cum Inflation: Probably (80%)
  • Spanking / Whips: Probably (80%)
  • Gore / Dismemberment: No
  • Hypnosis / MC: Probably (80%)
  • Cub: No, but I can't really stop you from making small characters
  • Rape / Abduction: No, but you can pretend the subjects were abducted if that's what tickles your pickle
  • Lactation (M/F): Maybe (20%)
  • Impregnation (M/F): Maybe (40%)
  • Oviposition (M/F): Maybe (40%)
  • Tickling: Yes
  • Wax: Probably (80%)
  • Latex/Goo TF: Maybe (60%)
  • Breeding: Maybe (20%)

source: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Gore

Gore - graphic violence,the depiction of particularly vivid and realistic acts of violence and brutality in visual media such as literature, film, television, and video games. It may be real, simulated live action, or animated

what you typed is nothing else but softer side of gore so sorry but blood play is almost for sure out of reach.


Blood shouldn't be used as a lube, it coagulates once outside of the body as it attempts to turn into a scab.

Also, I don't think blood alone qualifies something as gore. I don't think it qualifies as gore until you come across something that be used in an improvised anatomy lesson.

That being said, I hope isn't off the table entirely. Can't have hymen play without blood.

Are hymens suggested yet? I'm a suggest that.


yeah thats were i derped, i posted then remembered that blood cells and platelets would bond together in an attempt to scabb over the wound :P

hymen play, i never thought about that.

as i said it is "almost" for sure out of reach but don't lose your hope, there is always hope ;3

problem is that fek strongly pointed in that FAQ that he don't like the idea of hurting peoples in harder ways, so gore/rape etc he won't include into game, cutting is definitly hurting someone so i wouldn't expect that to be in the game but bitting may be added in some way later in development maybe in not bloody way if he don't allow blood.

also hymen and beeing virgin i would say will be added, its not like it is hurting someone on purpose and lets be honest every girl had one at some point.

just remember this, fek is only person that is doing actual programming here and he will have final word on every topic, and lets be honest no one like to do things that is wrong with their moral code or interests.

We simply don't know if he would be able to program this without guilt

and last thing, i pointed out urban dictionary description of gore as closest one to our community but in original gore have many meanings and some of them are blood and wound based, when typing about gore i was focussing mostly at "cutting" part and simply forgot to point that out in earlier post so sorry for that. ;3




also lets be honest fek propably didn't read dictionaries when he was making FAQ, he could simply mean blood as gore, or as you told he could mean wounding someone as gore, only he knows for sure.

PS. i am not typing this to make fun of it or turn you off but to inform about important problems with this idea.

i understand :) no harm done.

(i was starting to feel bad for not responding :P)