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Would you ever upload this to Steam, or is this sort of content frowned upon by Valve? I also understand that Valve's policy on uploading content like mods or games can be a tad stringent. Mod developers sometimes choose entirely not to upload their content to the Workshop, because once you post it, it basically belongs to them.

I don't necessarily suggest uploading this to Steam? It was a thought that crossed my mind and I was curious if you would do it. If anything, you would have access to the Steam Workshop and maybe even build a proper modding community. Just my thoughts. Cheers, can't wait for the game!


The FA I rarely use: ValkyrieLynx


This would get removed from Steam instantly.


Yeah Valve has been a bit more lenient recently but the totally backwards notion (to me) that blood, gore, graphic torture, etc. is somehow less offensive than consensual sexual activity still has an iron grip over much of the world.

Even if they did allow it, they would need another level of filters though. Steam does have a "filter products with nudity/sexual content" type setting though, which is a step in the right direction I think.


I agree. I don't understand why sexual interactions are so frowned upon in this world of crazy people who are so ashamed of everything that's just normal human activity. Why is everyone so freightened by the idea of sex?


its spelled 'frightened' not 'freightened' if there were people getting hit by trains at the idea of sex, the whole human race would be extinct long before you were able to misspell 'frightened'

i believe it stems from the victorian period, when death was seen as attractive(sexually attractive)i believe it had to do with the rise in medical knowledge and advances in medical technology, around this time it was considered improper to show more than the face and neck, unless at a party, then women could shoulders and arms.


The only way that R2CK would ever end up on Steam is if Fek stripped out all the sex, nudity and science, and re-purposed it as a 3D lay figure program that allowed users to create and pose their custom furry OCs for the purpose of referencing them in while drawing on art tablets.

Oh shit, you know what? I would probably acutally buy that off Steam.


ehh, even if itcould get on steam, i couldn't really see anything but non furries just being disgusted in the reviews and trolling in mods. Unless there was like a "make everything human" option. But even then it would probably still be like that.