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It's nothing like that, it's simply for technical / development reasons.

I'd reeaally love to have ferals too, but I accept that it's probably too much to ask. Fek has explained in the FAQ that it'd take so much time and work that it'd practically be like making a whole new game from scratch, since almost nothing of the current systems could be re-used for it. 

Sure, that's close enough for now, but that affects EVERY character at once, even the staff who aren't in the room.

That said, I'm pretty sure Fek has already stated that diapers probably won't be in the game unless it's just as a function-less clothing accessory. So I wouldn't recommend anyone getting their hopes up much for this. 

This is irrelevant to bring up, unless "all reference to it entirely" includes even the menu button to toggle it on or off with....... because it's already confirmed that all fetishes will be optional.

I'm not a fan of this either, but every single thing in the game can and will be a turn off for some people. I don't think it's ever a "bad idea" to have wider options, it'd only draw more people to support the game while the rest of us never have to see it.

Broader shoulders might've been a better example than larger hands there, but either way all these things ought to be independently controllable, within reason.

Also worth mentioning is things like leg/arm thickness/muscle etc, are also similarly locked together into sliders that affect all parts at once.

Remember that it's not so simple as just whether people want it or not, he would have to put in all the work to implement it, and it depends if it is technically possible to get it working to a decent enough standard.

Already in the game, two types even.

Yeah, if I remember correctly, the cock ring can already be put on multiple subjects, and can be left to function automatically without your presence.

I'm sure this will be applied to most everything eventually.

Already in the game.