playable feral character

Anonymous 2 years ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys updated by Kinky_Kyuubi 2 years ago 4

if ferals will be add in the future, it would be grat to create your own character, also it would be easy cuz it would be only capable of doing oral or sex jobs.


I don't think ferals will be in the game, sadly

why not its not like if were raping, after all, all subjects are voluntary and conscious of what they are doing


It's nothing like that, it's simply for technical / development reasons.

I'd reeaally love to have ferals too, but I accept that it's probably too much to ask. Fek has explained in the FAQ that it'd take so much time and work that it'd practically be like making a whole new game from scratch, since almost nothing of the current systems could be re-used for it. 


yeah, pretty much this. Its a technical problem more than anything.