Diapers, and using them.

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Simple as that- messing and wetting in diapers, that's a pretty heavy kink. A lot of normal furs don't like it, but it's a pretty big niche.


I respect that you have a fetish that you enjoy, but the only way I'd be remotely OK with this being in the game is if I had the option of removing all reference to it entirely.

Bodily waste excrement is a major turn off for most people, and having that be a feature in the game is probably a bad idea, sorry.

This is irrelevant to bring up, unless "all reference to it entirely" includes even the menu button to toggle it on or off with....... because it's already confirmed that all fetishes will be optional.

I'm not a fan of this either, but every single thing in the game can and will be a turn off for some people. I don't think it's ever a "bad idea" to have wider options, it'd only draw more people to support the game while the rest of us never have to see it.


That said, I'm pretty sure Fek has already stated that diapers probably won't be in the game unless it's just as a function-less clothing accessory. So I wouldn't recommend anyone getting their hopes up much for this. 


I'd be ok with that, actually.

I wasn't aware there was a literal option to turn off fetishes already in the game, though to be fair, I haven't touched the game in a while and probably just don't remember seeing it.

Like I said, if I can turn it off and not have to see it, I wouldn't have a problem with it

and I suppose I should have used a different phrase than "remove all reference to it entirely".


I second that major turn off part. Fek is included in that "turned off" audience, check the FAQ on the official site. And if you're too lazy, watersports (urine) and scat has a very clear "no" if not having a very slim chance of being added.