multiple toys/machines

Anonymous 2 years ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys updated by Wren 2 years ago 2

In rack 1, you had only 1 milking machine, 1 fucking machine, 1 chastity cage, 1 of each kind of dildo, and it may be nice to have multiple copies of each. multiple milking machines, multiple dildos, several copies of most or all toys would be nice. that way, we could have the exact same thing being done to each subject, without leaving anyone out.


I think that the current game as it is already has this mechanic in place.

I was able to craft multiple instances of the different toys and devices, so this may already be implemented.

Yeah, if I remember correctly, the cock ring can already be put on multiple subjects, and can be left to function automatically without your presence.

I'm sure this will be applied to most everything eventually.