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maybe, that would not be necesary at all...

the urethra at least can be rendered individually and separately when the uroscopy is going to be performed (as soon as the camera enters the hole, the light turns on, and the view passes from the "hole" to the Urethra that's being rendered somewhere else, with default textures and a lenght compatible with the subject's body size for that).

and, as for Vaginoscopy...that'd be more complicated, but if we remove the uroscopy from the equation by doing that individual-rendering thing of the urethra so one at a time is loaded, then the RAM load shall be considerably smaller (plus, as far as I know...Urethras only vary on three aspects: Size, Gender-specific Structures, and lenght), so its simplicity can be a blessing for programming purposes)

yes it should...specially considering that not everyone likes what we like, and we should be respectful to others as well.

I have an even better idea than mere 2D images....and it can even LOWER sgnificant RAM overload this way:

Internal Organs shall not be exactly inside each character...but rather, they'll be on standby on a separate place, and a special screen can be toogled on/off in order to show the desired Internal Organ View (think of it like this: the organs SHALL be indeed customizable, but if they only load per each character with a toogled on Internal Shot Screen...then there shall NOT be such a huge RAM load to the game once it's finished, while we still get to see what we'd like to see)

plus, there can also be presets for internal organs as well (Example: Large prostate for Male Equines, Urethral Path on Female Spotted Hyenas leading also to the Womb, seeing the path of Herm Internal Genitalias in case of desiring to stimulate its prostate from its female Urethra, etc...)...and said presets would be like the Base for customizing each subject's Species Internal Organs ;D

Uroscopy/Vaginoscopy seems QUITE interesting indeed :D

it'd be even more interesting if the internals react accordingly to the state (minor twitching when aroused or scared, faster twitching when getting closer to climax, strong contractions when archieving orgasm)

explain please

now, one good question would be this:

such a type of genital, should belong to a Female Cathegory, or a Herm Cathegory? (in the case of being used into something other than Spotted Hyena Females)