2D cross section display

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This is similar to http://fek.userecho.com/topics/242-internal-or-x-ray-viewer/, but I have a feeling it may be easier to do than having all organs in 3D:

On inserting an object into any orifice allow a 2D cross section view to be displayed of the object moving inside. This would be especially interesting for delicate procedures like sounding, urethra play, vaginoscopy / uroscopy. It would combine great with http://fek.userecho.com/topics/401-/


To specify: This could be a "simple" animation playing or rewinding when moving the object forward or backward


I suggested the use of 3D organs because I assumed that using existing assets will reduce development time.

Also, the use of "simple" animations that are syncing playback with the player would work as a place holder for some of these cross section scenarios, but would ultimately clash with one of Rack2's strongest points: Character customization.

If the organs depicted in the cross section video doesn't match the customized organs being of the actual subjects involved, it may be more distracting than anything else.

However, I did specify that orifice walls be rendered with 2D assets.

"For said insides, I'm thinking we'll have to be creative. A combination and 2d dynamic pulsating overlays along with 3D models that have internal detailed textures but completely invisible external textures, to allow for free moving camera that's not stuck to just one angle."

Essentially a rendering sandwich that looks like this.

  1. A series of 2D images that contort to represent the expansion and deformation of a cross-sectioned tubular organ.
  2. A 3D penis/whatever is being used at the moment.
  3. And then 2D textured sheet that is being warped accordingly


I have an even better idea than mere 2D images....and it can even LOWER sgnificant RAM overload this way:

Internal Organs shall not be exactly inside each character...but rather, they'll be on standby on a separate place, and a special screen can be toogled on/off in order to show the desired Internal Organ View (think of it like this: the organs SHALL be indeed customizable, but if they only load per each character with a toogled on Internal Shot Screen...then there shall NOT be such a huge RAM load to the game once it's finished, while we still get to see what we'd like to see)

plus, there can also be presets for internal organs as well (Example: Large prostate for Male Equines, Urethral Path on Female Spotted Hyenas leading also to the Womb, seeing the path of Herm Internal Genitalias in case of desiring to stimulate its prostate from its female Urethra, etc...)...and said presets would be like the Base for customizing each subject's Species Internal Organs ;D


I think that what we can all agree on is that we want to see the internal anatomy. Everyone seems to have something different in mind. Can't it all just be solved by giving the character models a detailed internal anatomy? It doesn't have to be anything CRAZY, but enough to scratch the itch. That way any user could just pull back the opacity of like the subject's skin, and then their muscle opacity, and then their bones, etc... People could see whatever they wanna see. Use a free floating camera that can go anywhere, in anything, and out. No restrictions. Nothing left out.
Wouldn't that satisfy all fetishes?

It doesn't sound too hard to tackle from a development standpoint either. The big hurdle is to design the internal anatomy. Maybe rendering that in game would also be demanding... but maybe organs don't need to render unless they are being viewed.
I dunno if I'm failing at trying to make this idea easier on Fek... But the easier it is, the more likely it is to be implemented.