hyena-like pseudo penis

Valhallen19s 4 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 3 years ago 3


it would neither be a vagina, nor a real penis. but it would rather be a big clit, with the ability to fold back a bit to allow for a penis small enought, to fit inside and start the ride.......or, it can just be used like a penis to fuck a female or a male that enjoys rear fun ;D


now, one good question would be this:

such a type of genital, should belong to a Female Cathegory, or a Herm Cathegory? (in the case of being used into something other than Spotted Hyena Females)


The Genitals would actually be into the Female Cathegory:


...only that they'd be useful for Penetrative interactions as well.


If this is possible, then also the Sergal tentacles.