uroscopy / vaginoscopy

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Inserting a tiny camera into urehtra / vagina. Let it travel up to and beyond the cervix or deep inside the bladder.

It would make for a nice piece of equpiment to have a monitor that needs to be purchased for such tools


I want to add that I left out rectoscopy on purpose. Do you want that, too, then upvote this reply, please.


Uroscopy/Vaginoscopy seems QUITE interesting indeed :D

it'd be even more interesting if the internals react accordingly to the state (minor twitching when aroused or scared, faster twitching when getting closer to climax, strong contractions when archieving orgasm)

true i also would like to see it but sadly it won't happen, it would mean that all possible 3d models would need high detailed and animated details of insides that are seen from short distance, really big amount of work for small feature, but lets have hope, maybe in really late develpoment or after release ;3


maybe, that would not be necesary at all...

the urethra at least can be rendered individually and separately when the uroscopy is going to be performed (as soon as the camera enters the hole, the light turns on, and the view passes from the "hole" to the Urethra that's being rendered somewhere else, with default textures and a lenght compatible with the subject's body size for that).

and, as for Vaginoscopy...that'd be more complicated, but if we remove the uroscopy from the equation by doing that individual-rendering thing of the urethra so one at a time is loaded, then the RAM load shall be considerably smaller (plus, as far as I know...Urethras only vary on three aspects: Size, Gender-specific Structures, and lenght), so its simplicity can be a blessing for programming purposes)

also when you are sugesting to use it on holes than why not every hole? i bet there is someone that like sounding of penis or would like to play with mouth that way, just saying.


The Uroscopy part is definetly meant for both genders. Males are maybe even more interesting here (longer urethra).

I personally don't see the appeal of other orifices than butt, urethra and vagina, but each to their own.


Definately an interesting fetish idea.

"Yeah, you like that? You like looking inside yourself? Anyways, you have cancer."