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Sounds like a vacuum, but I like the sound of Succing Machine better.

I'm a little lost on what your vision is. Are you suggesting that you can shrink a character and insert them into your anus, but can also choose to wear them like your own skin? And also be able to tie their textures up around your waist like balloon animals to act as dildos? Maybe create a picture.

I think this feature is cool, but I can see where it can be difficult to implement. I won't mind if this feature becomes available much later in development.

There should be a much more accessible setting to wash off as well. Perhaps all the rooms could have showers in them!

Enable this feature in a form of an optional drug.

Great idea, I can see that what you've described would be a huge amount of work, so I posted a similar idea that is much simpler and much smaller, but if implemented, can possibly be expanded upon to meet some of your requests.