Wearable test subjects.

Anonymous 2 years ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys updated 2 years ago 2

Being able to equip a test subject and walk around with them. Perhaps this could work as a shrinking mechanic. Making them small enough to insert into your vagina or anus. (Sounding?) Perhaps it could be a unique desire to fuck someone with a person in you. Maybe it could also work with the goo/latex tf. Fashioning their new bodies into underwear, dildos, or cockrings.


I'm a little lost on what your vision is. Are you suggesting that you can shrink a character and insert them into your anus, but can also choose to wear them like your own skin? And also be able to tie their textures up around your waist like balloon animals to act as dildos? Maybe create a picture.

I think what they mean is basically transforming them into items. Idk, maybe a special textured dildo with a weird fluff text?