Sucking Machine

Nathan “Mewfii” Richardson 2 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 2 years ago 3

Not exactly like a F*king or milking machine but something just to suck on parts, not like a -Job but just for suction pleasure...  Basically, if on the ass: it can suck onto the ass buns and pull the asshole open and then suck the hole itself, then a some point it starts to suck something out, whether for each person with different kinks, could suck scat, for others could be sucking life force, other areas like pussy/dick could just suck for air pleasure if not milking, breasts if female, could just be enlarging the mounds, and mouth for breath play maybe...one more thing, they can go anywhere and if inside a hole they can go deep as they want...

Sounds like a vacuum, but I like the sound of Succing Machine better.

Vacuum is like space, sucking is like a less harsh vacuum that turns on and off and draws things out like milk or cum, or butt stuff if people are into that stuff