Living clothes, mummification, and aliens / parasites.

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Tentacle clothing / living clothing is kind of like a Zero suit / latex suit but it's alive and can apply to male and females. Kinda hard to explain but you can look up hentai of it for a better understanding. 

Mummification is obvious. Mummification with latex and other materials while also being able to toy them. Also you could put them inside a mummy box with vibrators and such, which could also account for sensory deprivation.

Aliens / parasites could be good for egg laying and also some could be used on male subjects if the alien / parasite / creature is penetrable.

These are some kind of specific suggestions and fetishes but I wanna know what you think.



I think this is a good idea. In a lab, they are looking for more. Why not a separate room where parasites are being explored for how they work. How to infect the prospective hosts and so on. If you've been in the lab for sex, then why not be a living suit anyway?


Living suit? Fuck yes
Alien? Fuck yes
Parasite? Fuck yes

Mummification? ehhhh, not feeling it as much.
Still, I upvotes.


Oh, I see, like Venom from Spiderman.