Camera to take pictures in-game and/or having an album

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Maybe there is a place inside or outside of Rack Laboratories that you like and would want to take a picture of, or there is a hot coworker or test subject or taking a picture that you want (since you are a stalker, either that or you like having specific character references or you like looking at something or someone). First-person POV will be really helpful in this kind of thing, especially when you are screwing someone and want to take a picture of their "looking pleasured" face or "O" face just before or when they climax, or when they have sultry bedroom eyes when you go in and snapping a picture of them before any interaction.




If you are in a relationship with someone, if they are walking with you around somewhere or they are on a rack in Rack Laboratories (as a date), you could take a picture of them. If Fek decides to go ahead with this kind of thing, you could take a photo when you go on a date, eat out somewhere, go to a strip club or a sex toy store together, or have sex on a bed in your house/apartment or office.

I do not think that making a camera mechanism would be too difficult or long to make, but Fek would have to figure out whether or not this would be beneficial for the gameplay.

You can take pictures of yourself during customization, or when you're just standing somewhere or along with someone. Plus people can take pictures of any visual glitches in the game and show them to Fek so he can take a look at it before another update comes around. Also you can ask someone to smile for the camera before you take a photo of them, including coworkers, test subjects, or other NPCs.

Or would 3rd-person screenshots in the game would be a better idea?


Oh, about the album!

You can have a photo album, maybe in the menu or in your office, and you can flip through pages of the photos you have taken. You can organize them by a tab system as well, for example:

The red tab on the side of the album would go to naked test subjects or gleaming pictures of dicks/pussies/boobs/sexual interactions (like the player's penis being inside an orifice, or the test subject grabbing the player's chest/boobs), an orange tab just below the red tab on the side are pictures of the player in customization (3rd-person though), the yellow tab for coworkers or favorite clients, the green tab for random places you visually like in the game, in-lab or out of the lab, the blue tab for other NPCs, and the purple tab for the NPC character you are in a relationship with.

It does not have to be exactly like this in this order for each particular tab. Anyone should be able to personally designate each tab for a specific set of related photos. The tabs don't have to be color-coded, they can be numbered from 1-6 or A-F or some shit like that.

You can by a camera from some store, or it may be in your office already or something.

oh like a photo mode like in mario odyssey and that one uncharted game!