Do the employees have offices of their own?

Anonymous 3 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas 0

I don't know if Fek is going to add this to the game, but I think there should be private offices for the researchers at Rack Laboratories. You can have some drawers that can store clothes and items, as well as (maybe?) customization of the player's office. There can be a desk with a lamp or computer or something, a window that the player can look through, metal filing cabinets, (maybe?) a directory of your coworkers, favorite clients, shopping centers or nightclubs or strip clubs or supplying providers for the lab or some other place, (maybe?) pictures of random things or clients or random sceneries, http://fek.userecho.com/forums/1-general-suggestions-and-ideas/topics/164-beds-preferrably-without-bondage/ maybe a twin-size bed in the office to lay down on or have sex on (or a queen-size bed (I looked up what is a better bed size for sex and a lot of sources said queen) in your apartment if Fek is considering that too, especially if you can invite clients or romantic interests), and perhaps more.

If there are other coworker offices, can you go into them as well? (though you can't customize those areas)

Should there be a water fountain as well? (lol sex can be dangerously dehydrating)

Should there be a lounge area for the employees?

Should there be a storage room for things you made too much of and can store there instead? (or maybe selling is a better option since you made something and getting rid of it would be a waste)

Just some ideas...