Ability to delete custom characters/faves

d3goph 2 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 2 years ago 2

I would like to clear out my characters. I have too many and would like to start this over. I do not see a place for deleting.


1. Make a custom character.

2. Make a name, like Dipshit, and hit the export button.

3. Go to "C:\Users\Username\AppData\LocalLow\Fek\Rack 2_ Furry Science\characters" in File Explorer or This PC or whatever.

4. In this folder, you can see a file called "Dipshit.rack2character", that is your custom character, next to the automatically-generated NPCs when you make a new game file.

5. Copy the file "Dipshit.rack2character" and paste it in the custom folder at the top of the files in the folder.

6. When you play the game, you can go to customization and import your customized character again.

7. If you want to put your custom character on a rack, you will need to go the game menu by pressing the ESC button and going to options. There you will see the custom character frequency bar, turn it up all the way to generate a 100% chance of seeing your custom character among the 6 subjects' spots.

8. Go to the employee at the desk right ahead after you exit the showers and browse subjects, as a player would normally do. But this time you will see your custom character among the other subjects, sometimes multiple versions of them among the 6 spots.

9. Go to the lower floor after you assign your customized subject to a particular rack.

10. Have fun with Dipshit.

(I was thinking to type the name Duke or Fek instead, but this is more entertaining to read with Dipshit instead.)

(From https://fek.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/1078-use-of-existing-custom-characters-as-test-subjects)

Not exactly my question...but now I know where to find the character files to delete the ones I am no longer using. So thank you for providing the answer despite both of us having a misunderstanding about the question. (I need to word things better XD)