Your comments

>claims I'm spewing slander

>calls me a narcissistic scumbag


>keeps claiming to "accept" trans people and that they're not transphobic
>literally just called trans men women

w o w

The thing is, specifically calling to exclude queer identities from the "hobby" IS political. You're stating that their very existence is not welcome, even in fantasy.

Try to say "I have nothing against trans" all you like, but all of your other statements declare otherwise.

Nah, it was personal the second letting people call themselves / their characters what they want became "gender politics" and "sjw bullshit".

I think making a max of 9ninches would be reasonable - sure there's 10 inch dicks irl, but they're fairly uncommon. 7 to 8 inches is pretty common, however, so 6 being max "normal" is kinda stingy.

Oh, thete are PLENTY of us who like big rumps, I assure you. However, it may be an issue of limitation with regards to animations / objects... although honestly some of us are fine with clipping if we get more junk in the trunk!

Sadly, Fek has specifically stated gore will not be put into the game, period. It's in the FAQ.

Y'know... I originally downvoted, but then I remembered: douching causes farts. Inflation causes farts. Queefing happens all the time during sex. It'd add to the realism, at least! XD

Too bad - we exist. Get over it. And this "vagentalman" and many more thinks you're a raging prick who'll never, EVER get in their pants. No wonder you don't want us to exist in "your" fantasies - we'd never fuck you! ;)

Agreed! If you're going to make such SPECIFIC species, make them LOOK like their species!

I know many furry tigers use the facial structure already included in the screenshots provided - that being said, I am 1000% FOR more realistic, species-accurate facial options!

And if they aren't a thing in the final release... I may very well tweak the meshes myself to make them a thing, because I have that power.