Friendliness increasing with pleasure and objective completion

Kirill Sasin 3 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas 0

Can we please fix the fact that you have to talk to people to make them friendlier? You’d think giving somebody exactly what they want would make them appreciate you a bit more regardless of how many times you’ve paused to compliment their ass.

Right now trying to increase subject’s friendliness goes something like this:

“Oh my god, your ass is so good. Man, this ass of yours is really great. Nothing like any other ass I’ve tapped. Yep, definitely a good ass. Have I mentioned your ass is good?

Good, now will you please shut up?” Or something. Que friendliness drop that will need to be replenished in a similar manner.

The necessity to go to the quip window numerous times before trying to incentivize certain behaviour doesn’t really help the flow of the game. Plus, earning your right to do so exclusively by talking is extremely unnatural on its own. 

Besides, silent protagonists are trusted by virtually everyone in RPGs, so why not here?