Partially relinquishing control

Kirill Sasin 3 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas 0

Some of the racks are designed in such a way that they bind hands and ankles only while not having the subject completely stretched out, leaving some wiggle room for their crotch. For instance, the standard rack and stocks are a good example of what I have in mind, the table and the inverter — not so much. Somewhat similarly, none of the equipment we have seen so far constraints movement of one’s head. Each piece of equipment allows various degree of freedom for different body parts of the test subject, and therefore some interactions can be enacted by them rather than by the player character.

What if there was a mode for the PC to remain more or less static, with the subject in the rack controlling the depth and the rhythm of interaction instead? I was thinking of a completely automatic mode, where subjects themselves decide on intensity of their experience according to their preferences, friendliness, empathy and dominance. This mode may be accompanied by a second display, that would show the locked-up subject your stats you have already unlocked — like arousal, anticipation, strength of stimulation and exhaustion — just like the monitor you have for them.

This could be a rather good tool for adding a layer of will to subjects, making them feel more alive.

Partners with high empathy may suggest pleasing you of their own volition, and adjust their speed according to the stats they see on the screen so as to make it feel good for you as much as possible (maybe the emotional high is just as important to them as physical stimulation, or even more so). Subjects who like overstimulation can help themselves to be as rough with you post-orgasm as they would like to be. Dominant ones may try to order you to stop and let them handle things their way, submissive ones may obey your order to show you what they are worth. Any subject might get a dopamine burst if they stumble upon one of your fetishes themselves and it corresponds to theirs, or they simply do not mind or are friendly enough to tolerate it. Et cetera, et cetera.

P. S. Depending on how far you want to take this suggestion, if take it anywhere at all, you could also turn this into a kind of a minigame, where you let your partner move and try to sync your own motion with theirs. How to do that, though, is a different matter entirely and I have a little to no idea of how exactly that could work beyond the very rough idea above.