Lab layout, turn the lower tower around for level flow

John Walker II 3 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 3 years ago 2

Would the layout of the lab work better if instead of going into the tower, down and /back/ behind you out, to turn the lab portion of it around so you can go into the tower, go down the elevator and without turning around, right out to meet the clients. 

I think it makes for a quicker transition in between soliciting clients and right to playing with them... something I picked up from level design in other video games.

And personal perception... I always thought having to turn around to meet the clients was a little off, it toyed with my habit of going from the secretary right to the client. I've even looked at jumping the rails to get to the lab a bit quicker if one of the clients looked really hot.


Yes I agree.  Redesigning the whole room is probably not the best use of his time right now, but some method of interaction without running all the way up/down all the time would be nice.  Perhaps some kind of communicator/kiosk could be crafted to use rather than having to use the elevator every time.

Not quite what I was going for Zeopard. 

The idea was to go from the client selection and then down in a relative straight line down to where the clients are. 

Have you ever gone driving and was told to turn around and back on the route you were taking to get to your destination? Didn't that feel a little odd? That's exactly the feeling I get when I take that route.

As a case study in level design, look at Doom. how often are you turning completely around? very rarely and only in those cases where there was a major story shift or scene change. Like the first time you go out to that comms station it's all relatively peaceful, but after seeing the scientist bite it and the gate to hell open, now that safe route coming back is not so safe anymore.

It's one of those tricks of level design that I always appreciated.