extravagant suggestions?

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Hello, I wanted to make some suggestions, which surely seem extravagant:
- Females who are already pregnant ...
- Virgin females.
- Females interested in the first time, as for example in the first time in anal.
- Female interested directly in pregnancy through sex.

- Combine the "racks" to create new ones, or be able to improve their functions.
- Being able to fuck with the test subjects, without needing racks or the immobilization chair.

- Function of "cat penis", which would consist of the following (adding
it to the other combinations of penises, such as combining the "knot" of
the canine penis, with the shape of the equine penis):
- Function of knotting females, as would male dogs to females.
- Double or quadruple penis, as in the following examples:
  http://naukas.com/2014/11/04/extraños-penes-animales (explained in Spanish) /

I know that all this is very extravagant, but if Fek seemed interesting, I
would be very happy if they appeared in their Rack 2 game.

Greetings to everyone.

I almost forgot to indicate the option:
- aquatic sex

Greetings to everyone.

Also, to make it more extravagant, how would the character have an elephant penis, or a dolphin penis?

Greetings to everyone.

Other occurrences:

- Pig penis (it is screwed into the female)

- Be able to change the semen genetically (as if it were another type of samples or materials) to be able to make  compatible / change the females that can be pregnant (that increases the proportion in which they would remain pregnant), or the characteristics of the semen.

- Equip an option of the penis, to ejaculate a gelatin called tapioca (as in male pigs), to plug the cervix of the female, (and to see an internal view of how it happens).

- Indicate term "Monstercock", when the client /subject wants to fuck with someone who has (or that he himself has) a penis of monstrous proportions or characteristics.

- Being able to use several racks, so that while you are fucking a subject, another can see it.

- Show an indication of when a female is in heat.

- If you are not using any of the remaining lab rooms, there are other tests with subjects / clients, to which you can "join".

Well, I hope that if you like any of these suggestions, tell me, and if I can think of any more, I'll post it.

A greeting.

Hello, I've seen that if you select the feline species in the game of Rack 2, the dick does have spikes like in the cats' dick. With respect to the suggestions for Fek, I will indicate if he can put this option separately, so that it can be selected independently of the species chosen ...


Already a thing. :)  In the embellishments editor, you can add those preset barbs using  'add package', or even place them one by one yourself.

Thanks for the information, I'll check it when I see those options in the game.

A greeting.


I would like to see a thing where some of those embellishments actually come into play.. cat barbs? you would be a favorite for someone that loves a bit of pain.

Ok, I have already checked, and if it is possible to add spikes to the penis of the character, now only need to add the option that can be knotted ...

A greeting.