Working Subject-Data Terminal

Lemrethh 3 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 3 years ago 0

Even it sounds a bit odd, I am missing a vital part of science aspect, collecting data about the subject and not only the chemical components.

I'd enjoy a function that creates a data sheet that saves data on subjects you have worked with.

Next to a nice view of the subject it could contain useful info as:

- Number of sessions and orgasms

- How sensitive the body parts are

- Response and component output to specific kind off interactions (maybe a simple circle or bar chart)

- Information how you changed the body of a subject with permanent effects 

- How satisfied a customer was with the treatment in the last session

With that kind of info it will become a lot easier to favorite subjets when they are paying for you service or when you want to harvest a specific component.

As there is allready a ingame-model for desktop-pc, implementing a function like that would make it a useable tool.

Also information that was learned in the tutorial could be saved there, so you can look it up when you need to. I have to admit I have troubles to remember the meaning of the symbols on the subject selection screen, or what all the graphs on the display mean.