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I had noticed the pain in the ass to get money in this game. Yes, maybe I`m just horrible at having sex, or not spending enough time, or maybe my memory of their likes and dislikes sucks. I`d prefer some kind of system where you can be a prostitute, and maybe it works where you have an area where you have an option to "wait for a client". Someone will ask for sex for a certain amount of money they`ll pay you and you can refuse or agree, and maybe some kind sex minigame happens? If they like equality sex, then every turn, you have to control the actions at a certain speed (and you do NOT choose the pose, just one where you are in control) and the next, you have no control, but you have to say specific things to increase the client`s rating towards you. If they`re a female submission, then they have control over actions, and you have to choose what to say, unless you are a boy, of course. If it`s male submission, then you have to control the speed of the sex AND choose the positions, since it`s not equal sex or female submission/male submission. Based on your performance, the client rates you, which increases popularity, which gets you better clients that will pay more. Also, the higher the rating, the more pay.


I highly doubt that Fek would create a new set of animations for something like this. Something that would be possible however is allowing you to sign up as a research subject, as volunteering will be added.


That could be the case, but in the last month, I noticed a Strip club outside that was very detailed, so it got me wondering if it would come into the game later. I bet there`s going to be one person in there wanting to fuck and i doubt they`ll have a high tech rack