Performing 69 on table.

Anonymous 3 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 3 years ago 1

I noticed that performing blowjob on a table gives a good position for 69. I don't know whether or not it's planned already, but i think it's possible to add a 69 as a second option to blowjob or as an order that can be given to subject via "talk menu" (i like this option more, i'll be honest).

And of course it would be mega nice if you could perform 69 in all combinations (blowjob/blowjob, cunnilingus/cunnilingus, blowjob/cunnilingus).

Of course that brings some problems like how it should work with size difference and what you should control in that scenario - your head, your pelvis or both?

I think for starters using only your head would be enough. A simple solution would be making the subject to mirror your actions. After that in future you can make the subject "do it" depending on one of their meters.

But of course i'm not telling how it SHOULD be done rather then how it CAN be done.


Ok, now that i unlocked Inverter Rack, i think 69 can be performed on it too, since the positions are pretty convenient.