Specialized Empathy drugs / tech

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The idea is pretty straightforward: Two drugs, one called Empithen and it's 'negation' Apathen. The effect of the first drug is that all pleasure felt by someone with Empithen in their system is shared by everyone who has Empithen in their system; Apithen is the same, except for pain (Yeah, I know that the empathy/apathy dichotomy isn't analogous to the pleasure/pain dichotomy, but meh; it works, I think, in terms of gameplay).

This can have a number of gameplay effects.

In the theme of pranking people in your office, you could like, put some in the water cooler, wait until everyone's had some, and then put some in a subject whom you then proceed to make climax.

In the theme of sexual healing, you could help someone who can't achieve climax with their partner do so.

In the theme of exploration, you could use it as a way to gently help people realize they have latent sexual interests by enjoying an act vicariously through another's pleasure in experiencing it.

In the theme of basic farming of resources, you could just get six orgasms for the price of one.

There could be scenarios where you have to diagnose someone's problem — they can't stop climaxing, and you have to figure out that you need to neutralize the Empithen in their system.

There's a whole bunch of things to be done with this aside from just enjoying a fetish! :)